I do art sometimes - Trying to figure how thing works here - Be patient...

Posts tagged I really really love that I can put my though somewhere haaaa:


It's that time again where tendinitis come back to say hi on both of my thumb... So I can't really draw for now (even typing is hard haaa)
I'll try to find some old stuff or skechbook thing to post here.
If you have other cool ideas of what you want to see or what I could do here do not hesitate to tell me, I'm curious :)

On another quick note, this week was really hard to go through.
My bank account went on the red again (thanks past me for still having some savings)
Then we got a pretty hard heatwave where one of my cat got health issues so I had to wait a day to go to the vet in the morning so he won't die in my burning car.
Turns out he had an asthma crisis, something not to strong but with the heat in my appartment, having him cough and seeing him breathing reallyyy hard was a nighmare.
He is ok now, but a crisis can come anytime and it's quite stressing when there is one (But now I have meds to give him so he should be fine ;w;)
Now I have to got groceries shopping but I'm reluctant because it cost money and the vet was not free (though my vet is the best 'cause she always try to make me pay for the least amount, giving me reductions or making some stuff free. I suspect for this time that I did not pay for the meds because she told me "With the Xray you'll have to pay that price" but said nothing about the meds ? Anyway she's great TT-T)