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Here is Soulmaz, @/ Pawutena's (twitter) OC !
Saturated version, lineart and original version.
I'm still not really at ease with colors and coloring but I kindda like the way this one turned out ☺️✨


I've posted about my OC Camille, so now is the time for his wonderful boyfriend Nathanael !
As I said before, I'm participating in artfight for the first time this year, in team Sugar ! ( if you are curious)

And I'm having a blast both drawing my own OC and other people's !


For the first time, I'm participating in artfight ! ( if you are curious)
So it was the best time to redraw my OCs !
Here is Camille <3

I'm in team sugar and if you want, maybe I can draw your OC, regardless of team (Be aware that I have a lot of work outside of Artfight, so it may take me some time)