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Hello ! I’m MoonE (Or Kaa on here). I'm an illustrator and I dream to make nice art for people while being able to sustain myself and my two wonderful kitties !
You can contact me here ( if you prefer !
It's my first time opening commissions so please, be gentle ;w;

I WILL draw : - OCs - Anthro - Monsters - Slight NSFW - Slight Gore - Nudity - Illustrating urban legends
I WON’T draw : - Some fetishes (See with me directly) - Hate art (Anything that is incestuous, pedophilic, racist, LGBTQ+phobic, abusive relationship, Etc…) - Extreme gore - If you are a minor, I won’t draw NSFW for you as it makes me uncomfortable - Real persons
I’m welling to draw : - Furry - Animal in general and pets - Hard NSFW (See with me first) - Robots - Landscape

Others useful infos : - I reserve myself the right to decline a commission if I’m not comfortable with something - If you have references and / or Drawings for your idea(s), please send them to me so it makes it easier to have a clear vision of what you want :)

Therms and conditions : - You or someone else cannot edit, sell, claim as your how and use my artwork for a commercial use if not stated otherwise (Charges will be applied for that kind of contract) - I retain full copyright of my artwork - I reserve myself the right to post my artwork on social medias and portfolio, with mention of your name/username (If you want to stay anonymous or really do not want me to post the piece, we can talk about it :).) - If you post on social medias, please credit me (@kaalicot on twitter, instagram, Facebook, …)

Lastly, I currently suffer tendinitis on both of my hands, so be aware that I’ll be a bit slow to complete your commissioned piece. I’m in dire need of money so I’ll do my best anyway :)

Chibi : 5-10€ (+5€ for some simple background)

Coat of arms : 1 = 25€, 2 = 45€, 3 = 65€, 4 = 75€

Bust / Half body (With a simple background if you want one) :
- Sketch = 10€
- Lineart = 15€
-Greyscale (With one (1) color if you want) = 25€
- Color = 35€
(Additionnal character : +15€)

Full Body (With a simple background if you want one) :
- Sketch = 15€
- Lineart = 25€
- Greyscale (With one (1) color if you want) = 35€
- Color = 50€
(Additionnal character : +25€)

Full Illustration Mode* (Depends on complexity so see the exemples with Time it took me + Estimate prices) :
- Carp fish = 8H for ± 40€,
- Nukekubi (Women drinking tea) = 10H for ± 80€,
- OneHona (Squeleton woman with lover) = 8H for ± 60€,
- Gashadokuro (Giant squeleton) = 20H for ± 200€,
- Teke-teke (Girl in subway) = 30H for ± 280€

*If you want a complex/detailed background, you will enter this category.

Note : I will adjust prices if I happen to be quicker than expected ! (Only for « Full illustration mode »)



It's supposed to be a sad comic about me and my dad. And about my birthday that I now despite, with huge stress related few days / weeks before it happens.
It's missing backgrounds and dialogues but I did not remember I drew us like this (I love it ;w;)
Also, it's not new that I draw myself as a little wolf I see !


Another illustration for the french anthologie Belle Epoque (Ed. Luciférines) this time about Baphomet, since the theme was "Occult" !

Belle Epoque Illustration : 2/4


An illustration I did for an upcoming anthology of short stories about "La Belle Epoque", ed. Luciférines.
My theme was "Psychology"

Belle Epoque Illustrations : 1/4


My first GIF for artfight !
When I saw that the OC had some sort of a personality split, I though it would be fun to kind of animate it !
Koopbob//Mayor belongs to Weirdlittlepie


A bust ref of my beautiful OC Camille !

He is always doing stranges poses when he find out his pic is taken :)


I've posted about my OC Camille, so now is the time for his wonderful boyfriend Nathanael !
As I said before, I'm participating in artfight for the first time this year, in team Sugar ! ( if you are curious)

And I'm having a blast both drawing my own OC and other people's !


For the first time, I'm participating in artfight ! ( if you are curious)
So it was the best time to redraw my OCs !
Here is Camille <3

I'm in team sugar and if you want, maybe I can draw your OC, regardless of team (Be aware that I have a lot of work outside of Artfight, so it may take me some time)


The other design for the free coloring illustrations on my Gumroad

If you are interested, you don't have to have an account to "purchase" them ! Just enter the amount you want to pay ( Zero if you want them free ), put your email adress and BOOM you have it !
I hope you have a fun time coloring !


Few days ago, I posted two completly free coloring illustrations on my Gumroad
If you are interested, you don't have to have an account to "purchase" them ! Just enter the amount you want to pay ( Zero if you want them free ), put your email adress and BOOM you have it !
I hope you have a fun time coloring !


For my brother's Xmas gift, I tryed and made him a fanart of Guts from the manga Berserk. I just want to say that I know nothing about amors _ ; w;)__


Another version of my pikachu in a teacup pin idea ! But I wasn't quite sure about the colors. This one was in fact the first version, but I thought the colors gave a strange vibe to pikachu

Pokemon pin idea : 9/9


I'm not quite sure with this altaria, but it exists ! So I want to show you anyway -

Pokemon pin idea : 8/9


Since I can't play the new pokemon, I made myself way too much fanarts _ ; w;)__ Here is a new badge thing, with an Obstagoon showing love and support, cheering for you and your projects. "Don't give up !" he is trying to say.


My long long pokemon badges serie continue with a sleepy Bewear holding an asleep Cubchoo -

Pokemon pin idea : 6/9