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Hello ! I’m MoonE (Or Kaa on here). I'm an illustrator and I dream to make nice art for people while being able to sustain myself and my two wonderful kitties !
You can contact me here ([email protected]) if you prefer !
It's my first time opening commissions so please, be gentle ;w;

I WILL draw : - OCs - Anthro - Monsters - Slight NSFW - Slight Gore - Nudity - Illustrating urban legends
I WON’T draw : - Some fetishes (See with me directly) - Hate art (Anything that is incestuous, pedophilic, racist, LGBTQ+phobic, abusive relationship, Etc…) - Extreme gore - If you are a minor, I won’t draw NSFW for you as it makes me uncomfortable - Real persons
I’m welling to draw : - Furry - Animal in general and pets - Hard NSFW (See with me first) - Robots - Landscape

Others useful infos : - I reserve myself the right to decline a commission if I’m not comfortable with something - If you have references and / or Drawings for your idea(s), please send them to me so it makes it easier to have a clear vision of what you want :)

Therms and conditions : - You or someone else cannot edit, sell, claim as your how and use my artwork for a commercial use if not stated otherwise (Charges will be applied for that kind of contract) - I retain full copyright of my artwork - I reserve myself the right to post my artwork on social medias and portfolio, with mention of your name/username (If you want to stay anonymous or really do not want me to post the piece, we can talk about it :).) - If you post on social medias, please credit me (@kaalicot on twitter, instagram, Facebook, …)

Lastly, I currently suffer tendinitis on both of my hands, so be aware that I’ll be a bit slow to complete your commissioned piece. I’m in dire need of money so I’ll do my best anyway :)

Chibi : 5-10€ (+5€ for some simple background)

Coat of arms : 1 = 25€, 2 = 45€, 3 = 65€, 4 = 75€

Bust / Half body (With a simple background if you want one) :
- Sketch = 10€
- Lineart = 15€
-Greyscale (With one (1) color if you want) = 25€
- Color = 35€
(Additionnal character : +15€)

Full Body (With a simple background if you want one) :
- Sketch = 15€
- Lineart = 25€
- Greyscale (With one (1) color if you want) = 35€
- Color = 50€
(Additionnal character : +25€)

Full Illustration Mode* (Depends on complexity so see the exemples with Time it took me + Estimate prices) :
- Carp fish = 8H for ± 40€,
- Nukekubi (Women drinking tea) = 10H for ± 80€,
- OneHona (Squeleton woman with lover) = 8H for ± 60€,
- Gashadokuro (Giant squeleton) = 20H for ± 200€,
- Teke-teke (Girl in subway) = 30H for ± 280€

*If you want a complex/detailed background, you will enter this category.

Note : I will adjust prices if I happen to be quicker than expected ! (Only for « Full illustration mode »)

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